Our line of boards reflects our philosophy of performance and durability.  This line of boards is a result of how we ride, some days we are at the lake going wake to wake and hitting sliders, the next day we have the winch out hitting some of our favorite local urban spots.  We needed a board that would meet the demands of these different riding conditions and would still live to ride another day.  We recognize that today’s riders are pushing the limits of the sport and have developed a board that pulls technology from our snowboarding roots and a bit from our friends in the aerospace industry.  Starting with our Monocoque/Dual Torsion Box/Sandwich construction that creates the liveliest, smoothest, most durable, highest performing board ever!  Combine that with our micro channel technology that keeps the board tracking straight while maintaining a loose snowboard feel.  All our boards have a modified 3-stage rocker line that provides speed and unreal pop off the wake.  Our Sintered UHMW sidewalls are completely encased in fiberglass providing the most durable edge of a wakeskate ever!  This allows you to go out and push your riding to the next level and not worry whether your board will hold up.